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Kelso's Cold November Rain



     Robbie at 10 months old.


        Robbie at 17 months old.


Robbie at 21 months old. Picture taken on 10/07/2007. She's 34" at the shoulder and weighs 117 lbs.


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Robbie's Pedigree

DNA Profile #V445480

OFA Testing:

# 44435

Heart # GD-CA1308/17F/S-PI-ECHO

CERF# GD-1826/2007--22

vWD: Normal at 124%

Hips: GD-10364F24F-PI

Elbows: GD-EL1229F24-PI

Shoulders: GD-SH33F24-PI

Patellas: GD-PA49/24F/PI

Thyroid:  Equivocal

 The story of how Robbie got her names. First, you have to go to Butch's page and read What's in a name? Then come back here and finish reading. Go ahead I'll wait.......

Ok, now that your back, here's the rest of the story: I am a believer that thinks our pets come to us. I have to be, especially after this. Two summers ago we lost Butch's son, his name was Astroe (read Isis' story, and check back at a later date to read about Astroe). That's when we acquired Isis, Osiris, then Nefertari (you can read their stories on their pages when they get posted).... Jump ahead now to November 2005, Isis went into heat and was bred to Osiris, the litter was whelped January 26, 2006. Neffy went into heat the next day, and that got me thinking about saving Butch's line because I was not thinking about losing it because we had Astroe. I was not expecting him to cross over the Rainbow Bridge before his dad.

So I thought, let's have him tested and maybe breed him to Neffy and keep a puppy from that litter. Well, as it worked out, he's shooting blanks, after all he is 12. I was a little upset (OK alot), but there was nothing I could do. So I forgot about it and concentrated on the litter of new pups that was in my home. I listed the puppies on puppyfind and figured what the heck, I'll post an add and see if I can find any of Butch's bloodline. Thinking I'd never really get a response, but I'd try anyway. Not in a million years did I think I'd get a response.

Sure enough the next day, sitting in my email box, was a response from a breeder in Ohio that said she has my line, and a friend of her's, had an older litter with the same bloodline, in Pittsburgh. I called, she sent me the pedigree and sure enough there it was in black and white. I told my husband get in the car we're going to Pittsburgh! He thought I was nuts, but what else is new, and thanks for my Valentines Day present!

This was the last puppy from the litter and the breeder was going to keep her if I didn't take her. We got up there and I was still unsure about bringing another puppy into the house at that time. After all I had 4 adults and a new litter of 6 pups. My husband left it up to the puppy if she wanted to come home with us or not. I was leaving without her, my husband right behind me said wait... he turned and opened the door between the room the puppy was and and us. He said, "If you want to come home with us come on out here, if not go ahead in the other room with the big dog (that she was following the whole time we were there). She walked out to the room we were in and walked straight to Brian's feet and sat down, he sat on the floor and asked her again... Do you want to come home with us, or stay here? She started licking his face, laid in his lap and fell fast asleep. She decided to come home with us. So we told Carrie (the breeder) we're taking her home with us. Filled out the paperwork and home we came.

On the way home we were trying to find a name for her. So, I said Robbie since she was Butch's line and he was named after our friend, we'd give her his name too. That's when I decided on her Registered name as well, I thought back to the night that we lost our dear friend, just as I was telling my husband what I was going to call her, Guns-N-Roses November Rain came on the radio as a clear sign from above that was her named and it's approved of!  Yes, our pets, the pets we are meant to have will come into our lives, at the time we are supposed to have them. They find us, not the other way around. My husband now believes me when I say this to him.  You'd think that after 19 years of marriage, he'd already know this by now! That's ok though, I still RUV him anyway!!!! Robbie now carries on the name and the bloodline. After all the years of owning and breeding Danes I've never had one quite like her!


Robbie has been micro-chipped (46535D0B65). She has also been DNA Profiled ( Profile # waiting to received from the AKC). When she gets a little older she will be OFA's for Hips, Elbows, Shoulders, Patellas, Thyroid, Heart, and CERF'd.


 August 8, 2012- Robbie has been spayed and retired for our breeding program. This beautiful girl has produced 3 beautiful litters. Three (Salem, Zambezi, & Maya) of her pups have stayed here with Kelso's Gr8 Danes to continue on Robbie's legacy.




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