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Meet Osiris

Kelso's Darkside Rendezvous 

This is Osiris his date of whelp is July 9, 2004. This picture was taken of him at 16 months of age. He currently weighs 142 lbs, 36 1/2" at the shoulder. Osiris is a licenced therapy dog, and loves to go into the hospitals and see the kids. Osiris is proven and at stud. He's microchipped (4603131B39), and also, he thinks he's a kang-a-roo at times! You should see him when he bounces around!

 OFA (click on the links below to see his results)

 # 33539

 Hips/Elbows (preliminary)- Good 

Hips- Fair (GD-9786F24M-PI)

Elbows- Normal (GD-EL984M24-PI)

 Shoulders- Normal (GD-SH5M12-PI)

Thyroid- Normal (GD-TH507/12M/PI)

Patella - Normal (GD-PA25/12M/P-PI) 


Heart- Normal- Cardiologist (GD-CA900/17M/C-PI)

Heart- Normal- Cardiologist/ECHO (GD-CA900/36M/C-PI-ECHO)

 CERF (GD-1397/2006--18)

CERF (GD-1397/2007--39)

DNA Profile # V370640






9 years young!

4 Years 2 Months Old


         (Pictures taken on September 5, 2008)


My Heritage

Ancestors of Osiris

This is "Abby"  Magic's Nght Illusion- Osiris' Dam


"Grayson" G-Dieters Grayson is Osiris' Sire

 CH Bluestones Invincible  Aka Mr T is Osiris' Paternal Grandsire


"Isabeau" Kobe Medium is Osiris' Paternal Granddam



CH Bluestones Royal Knight is Osiris' Paternal Great Grandsire




"Jesse" Magic's Outlaw Blue Paradox is Osiris' Maternal Grandsire



"Doc" CH Stonehenges Doc Holiday is Osiris' Maternal Great Grandsire

This is Osiris'  Maternal Great Great Granddam CH Magic's Impressive Black Gem