Kelso's Gr8 Danes

Home of the Natural Ear Danes!!!!

     Sire: Kelso's Darkside Rendezvous



        Dam: Kelso's Twilight Surprise



AKC Litter Registration #: WS299828

Litter Theme: Gone In 60 Seconds

The Puppies' call names are the cars from the movie, most of the girls are the code names they called the cars. All of the boys and some of the girls are the make/model of the cars in the movie. (We have used both the original movie and the remake version.)

Their AKC Registration names are lines from the movie. Be sure to watch the movie and listen for the lines!



Please meet our "Gone In 60 Seconds" Litter

Whelped on Thursday April 30, 2009


Kelso's We're Just Gonna Glide

This princess will be living with the Williams Family of Hagerstown MD. They will be calling her Kinder. The Williams Family will look forward to having this princess follow them around just telling them it's time for them to pay attention to her and let her kiss their face all day long!



Kelso's Hit Below The Belt

He will now be called Merlin, by the Bender III Family of New Castle DE. They will look forward to watching Merlin work his magic and wrap them right around his Lil' paw! Oooop too late, he already has!!!!



Kelso's Catch Ya Later

Otto is now my new name and I live with the Spaier Family of Patterson New York! Otto's new family tells me that he is just a great big ball of energy...Catch him if you can!!!



Kelso's Like A Firecracker

Ms Vega has went to live with the Barnes Family of Churchville MD. They will be calling her Ruby and I am sure they are looking forward to days full of laughter at the sill things she does. I think her new two legged brother and sister are looking forward to her smothering their faces with her kisses after chasing them down to climbing up in their lap!




Kelso's No Questions

Ruby's name will stay Ruby. She lives with the Rubiano Family of Westfield New Jersey. Ruby the adventurer here has become a little more reserved in her new home and is not as willing to go and explore her world...especially trash trucks!



Kelso's Hello Ladies

Jaguar will be keeping his name. He has went to live with the McCorkle family & Rocco (aka Ramsey) from our November Rain Litter of West Chester Pennsylvania.



Kelso's Yeah Ya Noticed

Brougham is now called Cooper and is California dreamin' with the Alosio Family of Coto De Caza, Califorina. Cooper just loves his very own water fountain (the sprikler in the yard...he just loves every time it turns on so he can play under it!).



Kelso's Now Ya Gone And Done It

Tucson is what they call me now. I am loved by the Yothers Family of Schwenksville Pennsylvania. He lives with a Dane sister. I hear they all like to go down and walk on the trails along the Perkiomin River.




Kelso's Torn The Town To Shreds

This Lil' sweetie will now be called Kira. She will live with the Swanson-Dixon Family of Kennett Square PA. What doesn't her new family have to look forward to! I know Kira will look forward to be craddled in their arms having her belly rubbed and dishing out those kisses!



Kelso's You Can't Negotiate- The Mischeif Maker

Loki is this big guys name and will be living right next door! He will be loved by the Meyer-Mackowitz Family and co-owned with me. Evan his new big brother/owner will be training and caring for Loki and I will show him in the ring. Look for this handsome man (or should I say handsome men) coming to a show ring near you real soon!!!!



Female Black 1 lb 7 1/2 ozs

Unfortunatly this little cutie did not make it.



Kelso's Easy Way Or The Hard Way

Claudia, Claudia, Claudia....This is one smart cookie! She is now being loved by the Reisman-Barnett Family of California MD and they will be calling her Cambree (of course after the deal was sealed with a name changes now! LOL) . Of course, Cambree's new family will look forward to this precious sweetie following them around no matter how they try to contain her. Only to be rewarded when they turn around by a happy Lil' girl wagging her tail just waiting to cover their faces with Cambree kisses!



Kelso's All About Second Chances

Cruiser has a very special new name, Knaupe, it was his 2 legged Granddad's name. He now lives with the Cannon Family of Mullica Hill New Jersey.


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