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Meet Butch

Butchie Blues Kelso

January 14, 1994 - October 13, 2006

You will be greatly missed, Old Guy!!!


What's in a name?

For this big guy, a lot! His name is special to me and my family. He was named after a very near and dear friend of the family that past away in a fire way before his time was due. His name was Robert Micheal Todd. His nickname was Butch, and our children called him Uncle Butchie. This was a man that would and could put a smile on your face, no matter how bad your day was. He was like a brother to my husband and a second husband to me. My husband and Butch worked together. Brian (My husband) did not drive at the time, so Butch would pick him up in the morning and drop him off at night. The trade off was a home cooked meal every night since he would never accept gas money, no matter how bad he was hurting for money. He was always at the house and playing with my girls, so when my son was born, Butch was asked and accepted to become his Godfather. He'd always come in and say to him, "Can't wait until you get older so we can go fishing, camping, hunting, boating etc." Unfortunately, that was never meant to be, we lost him on November 28, 1992. It was a very cold, rainy night when we lost him. We were very sad when he left this world one month after his 30th birthday. The kids would walk around the house saying how blue they were and missed Uncle Butchie.

In April of 1993, is when this big blue "cuphead" walked into our lives. We were thinking about calling him "Duke", but on the way home, my son asked/said, " Hey Mom, does he miss Uncle Butch too?" I said, "I don't think he knows Uncle Butch, Why?" Well, You said he's blue, right? My answer was yes, he's blue. My son then replied, "Well, he's blue and I'm blue, because I miss Uncle Butchie. So he misses him too then, right? Of course I had to say yes, He's got the Uncle Butchie Blues too. So, everyone just started calling him Butchie Blues. Kinda just stuck with him, so that's the story of how Butch got his name.

Believe it or not, This big guy is now12 and a half years young! We are quite proud of this guy, and are glad for every day we get to spend with him!

This is Butch on his 12th Birthday! He seems to be saying, "Ohhh Mom, not again, Just take the darn picture and get this thing off my head!"

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