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Whelped on 2/19/2012

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Sire: "Chance" Unity's Piece's Of a Dream

Dam: "Salem" Kelso's Lay It On The Line

How we got our names:

8 Weeks Old

Cleveland (AKA Stallone) (Sorry I already have a new family! I'll be living with the Wilson Family of Rockville MD!)

Kelso's Pieces Of A Dream v Unity

2:45 pm male Fawn bl mask (Choc Dilute)

23 lb 4 ozs




Sullivan (AKA Hunter) *Futurity Nominated Pup Sorry I have a new family! I'm going to live with the DeWitt Family and my half sister Scout (AKA Alice) from our Wild West Legends Litter!

Kelso- Unity's Dreams Of A Dark Lil Secret

2:56 pm male Fawn blk mask

22 lbs 13 ozs




Logan (AKA Naz) *Futurity Nominated Pup (Sorry I will be staying with Kelso's GR8 Danes!)

Kelso-Unity's Dreams In The Midnight Hour

3:27 pm male Black

21 lb 8 1/2 ozs




Lucas (AKA Janger) (Sorry I already have a new Family, I'll be going to live with the Harris Family of North Haven, CT.!)

Kelso-Unity's Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

5:05 pm male fawn blue mask (Tan point?)

20 lb 8 ozs




Troy (AKA George) *Futurity Nominated Pup Sorry I already have a new family. I'm going to live with the Harrell Family of Suffolk VA!Kelso-Unity's Dreams Do Come True

5:14 pm male Blue

19 lb 8 1/2 ozs




Austin (AKA ?) *Futurity Nominated Pup (Sorry I have a new family! I will be living with the Redeker Family of Marlton NJ!)

Kelso-Unity's Walking On A Dream Cloud

5:17 pm male Black

19 lb 10 ozs




Dalton (AKA Jester) *Futurity Nominated Pup (Sorry He will be staying at Kelso's GR8 Danes)

Kelso-Unity's Dreamin' At The Foot Of Kings

6:16 pm male Black

21 lbs 12 ozs




Waverly (AKA Pegan)*Futurity Nominated Pup (Sorry I have a new home!)

Kelso-Unity's Anasazi's Pagan Dreamer At Ravensnest

6:34 pm Female Blue

21 lb 3 ozs




Niles (Sorry, I'll be staying with Kelso's GR8 Danes!!!!)

Kelso-Unity's Dreamin' Big

7:48 male Fawn (Blue mask)

8 lb 4 1/2 ozs




Geneva (AKA Gemma) *Futurity Nominated Pup (Sorry, I am Staying with Kelso's GR8 Danes & Michelle Morrison)

Kelso-Unity's Tangled In My Dreams

9:16 pm Female Blue

18 lb 1 1/2 ozs




Lewis (AKA Bodhi) Sorry I already have a new family, I'll be going to live with the Petree Family of Fruita, CO!

Kelso-Unity's Get Outta My Dreams

10:03 pm Male Fawn bl mask (Blue Fawn)

26 lb 5 ozs




Vienna (AKA Daisy) *Futurity Nominated Pup (Sorry I already have a new family, I'll be going to live with the Brown Family of Avondale PA!

Kelso-Unity's Caught In A Dream

10:50 pm Female Blue

17 lb 14 ozs


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